Here at Raddr, we are on a mission to create better gear for the women in fishing, while also to simultaneously empower women by recognizing them as a vital part of the fishing industry. We believe that this is done first by creating proper gear. 


We began in 2019, after our founder, Megan Bolt, became frustrated by the lack of quality fishing gear for women. Megan has worked at a fishing lodge in Alaska for four years.


In the past year we have been working to develop our foundational product, the fishing bib. We've talked to countless women throughout the industry to figure out exactly what women need. Women need and want fishing gear that can is made for them, and to move with them. 

See Megan pitch Raddr in the news tab above, and reach out to us at the contact form below with comments, questions, or just to say hello!

**The gear worn in the gallery photos is not our product, bur rather the product we are working to improve

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